If you’re looking for a little inspiration… here are some of the best travel books to inspire your travels!

1. 1000 Places to See Before you Die

The book literally covers everything – cities, countries, regions, waterfalls, hikes… everything you must see and do before in your lifetime.

 2. A Handful of Honey

If you have a solo journey planned for Northern Africa, there really is no better book than A Handful of Honey. The author makes her way through Morocco and Algeria, meeting locals and trying local delicacies along the way. The book strikes a really good blend between history, culture, and the author’s own anecdotes along the way.

3. The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost

In a good girl’s guide to getting lost the author, Rachel, is your typical good girl who wouldn’t normally make the spur of the moment decision to do anything, let alone book a plane ticket to Ireland! From there her adventures continue across three continents as she learns the freedom of getting lost, without plans and without an intent on arriving.

4. A Thousand Days in Tuscany

Love at first sight… the Italian countryside… it really is hard not to enjoy this book! Although I am yet to read it, it is certainly on my list after seeing it mentioned quite a few times by other bloggers… one for the next long-haul perhaps!

5. Eat Pray Love

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or in cave (which would be quite impressive to be honest), you would have already heard of the travelogue Eat Pray Love, or at least have heard of the movie. If not, then what are you waiting for! This is the perfect read for any girl or woman considering a change of pace and who isn’t afraid to throw themselves into something, anything, if they just believe in it. The author, Elizabeth Gilbert, is wildly successful, particularly for this book.

6. Paris Letters

A story about a middle-aged woman who starts questioning the motions of life in her advertising job and after careful deliberation, decide she will save enough money to live abroad for a year, perhaps longer. She does indeed leave home to travel, starting in Paris and eventually residing there, marrying a local butcher, and you know what’s coming next… the happily ever after. 

7. An Italian Affair

Now here’s a good travel memoir for anyone suffering from a bad break up, as the story follows Laura whose husband leaves her for his high school sweetheart (rough!), so she takes off for an escape in Italy. If you enjoy the idea of an Italian affair then this book is for many of us as close as you’ll come!

8. A Field Guide to Getting Lost

For the true nomads (or those who would one day like to be), A Field Guide to Getting Lost is an exceptional read. If you’re going somewhere remote or looking for inspiration to do so, this book will be your leap of faith.

9. Girls Who Travel

If you’re searching for that feeling of empowerment (second thoughts maybe?) then look no further than Girls Who Travel – a witty novel about the ongoing struggles of a wanderluster who is always searching for adventure… and finds it in the most unlikely places!

10. Hearing Birds Fly

Set in a remote village in Mongolia, Hearing Birds Fly is truly an amazing story that takes readers far beyond the conventional locations of travelogues. This story will completely transport you and hit close to home… and hopefully inspire some remote adventures of your own!

11. Lunch in Paris

A girl quits her job and travels to Paris, falls in love, and marries a Parisian.  Lunch in Paris features a load of French or French-inspired recipes, so its a great gift if you know someone who loves to cook!

12. At Home in France

At Home in France is an honest recount of what it is like to live as an American expat… in France! This is a great read for anyone considering moving abroad to live as an expat and covers many of the topics and situations you will likely encounter yourself!

13. Every Day in Tuscany

This book isn’t nearly as popular or widely loved as those listed above, as it tends to jump around between long journal entries and short memories from travels to nearby towns. Nonetheless, worth a read!

Information Source: World of Wanderlust